Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Foxx: No love in an elevator

Jamie Foxx apparently doesn't like to share his lifts, according to Page Six:

"He told guests of the hotel [where he was promoting his latest movie] and journalists to leave the elevator. Then, at every floor where the elevator stopped, the bodyguard would stand with his arm stretched out and say, 'You can't enter' to anyone who tried to get in."

Apparently, this is what Foxx considers to be a denial:
[A] spokesperson for the star has denied the incident, insisting, "There were four to five people in the elevator with Foxx at the time and rushing to get to interviews to promote his film."

Which is interesting, as rather than denying the incident, that sounds more like an attempt to contextualise what happened, and also suggests that Foxx getting to promote some tired action movie is, without question, a priority over any other reason a paying guest might have had for heading down to the lobby.

Next time, they should make him take the bloody stairs.

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