Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kerrang kranks up krumbly old tracks

Kerrang's Birmingham FM Radio station has won approval from Ofcom to reduce the amount of new music it plays in daytime from a half to a third of its output.

Rather winningly, the station requested the right to play more old music because, its audience gets bored by all the new music it plays. No, really [pdf]:

Pre-release airplay of new/unreleased material means that listeners to a specialist station like Kerrang! are familiar with tracks well before they are released and by the time they enter the mainstream sales chart they are passé. The increased flexibility afforded by the requested change will allow us to more accurately reflect the tastes of our audience.

Aha. So, the audience are so blase about hearing tracks a few weeks old, the only way to keep them interested is to play much, much older music.

Bizarrely, Ofcom let them get away with this, and agreed to their request.