Friday, September 28, 2007

Madonna now officially "a monument"

The clearest signal so far that Madonna's creative days are behind her, and she's in the ossification phase of her career: She's being considered for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Also fighting with her to get the induction, and a large display explaining to people why they used to be popular are Leonard Cohen, John Mellencamp, Chic, the Dave Clark Five and Afrika Bambaataa.

We're starting the campaign for the Dave Clark Five right here.


James said...

I'd vote for the Dave Clark Five too; It means I get to wheel out my claim to fame, that Len from the band married my old swimming teacher.

Len was last seen round my parents' way, selling eggs door-to-door. Not sure whether he called this lucrative business 'Hatch Us If You Can', but I think he'd be mad not to.

flaaart said...

I guess that beats my claim to fame that my brother cleaned one of the Five's shoes for bob-a-job. (At least that's how he put it to us).

However no votes for that miserable bastard Clark until he licences the Ready Steady Go archive he's sitting on.

And continues not to release his back catalogue.

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