Saturday, September 08, 2007

Missing the point a little

Fergie has decided to go green. Which, you know, is something to be applauded, although she's, erm, doing it by selling her Hummer on eBay.

Now, admittedly, she's giving the funds raised to a green charity, but for someone with the cash Fergie has at her dispoasl, wouldn't it have made a little more sense to have simply taken the car off the road, rather than sold it on to someone else to despoil the planet with, and helping to promote the brand into the deal?


Anonymous said...

Erm... the argument that she'd be doing good by holding onto a car she doesn't need, just to stop someone else using it, is ridiculous. Do you really think the person who buys it would've otherwise thought 'well, I'll have to go about in a horse and cart then'? Because I'm fairly convinced they would've just bought... duh... a different Hummer.

Thereby increasing production, thereby increasing the company's profits

Anonymous said...

and so on.

At the very least, they would've just bought a different second-hand Hummer, making no difference to the world whatsoever, while Fergs's car gently rusts in a corner.

At least this way some money (likely more than the usual resale value of such a car) will make its way to charity. Not really sure how you can argue with that.

simon h b said...

Anon #1:
The car won't be bought by someone who wants a Hummer, the car will be bought by someone who wants Fergie's old car. They might otherwise have been driving, I dunno, a Ford Ka or something.

Anon #2:
If the purchaser had been going to buy a Hummer, and bought that instead, and Fergies was left gently rusting, that would still be a Hummer off the road. Every little bit helps.

Instead, Fergie is promoting the brand, keeping a Hummer on the road, alving her conscience while not actually helping the environment one bit.

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