Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nazi times for Posh Spice

The ability of The Sun to take an amusing thought and beat any life out of it is demonstrated this morning, where a picture of Victoria Beckham in a tightly-belted grey jacket and stupid hat must have led someone in the newsroom to say "she looks like a Nazi".

Which should have been enough, but they have to drag it out, pulling in Tom Cruise, and his Nazi film, seemingly just so they can make a pun ("fuhrer enough") that would probably have been better off not being bothered with.


Paul Wells said...

what odd as well is that they have stuck cruise next to a photo of Rommel ("a nazi" as the Sun has helpfully captioned him). Rommel's character isn't even in the film and definitely isn't the one played by Cruise...

Anonymous said...

i like her jacket!

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