Friday, September 07, 2007

Ronson still loves Winehouse

As expected, here's the official denial of the Ronson-furious-with-Winehouse story:

“Argh, I hate that I even have to address this ‘cause it’s such a crock of shite, but I must clear this up…
“Some daily paper published a completely fictionalised story about me being "furious" with Amy for not turning up to the video shoot for our song and swearing never to work with her again. It's all bullshite, all of it.

"Originally, neither of us were gonna be in the video. Then, I'd known for weeks Amy wasn't gonna be in the video.

"The entire premise of the video (conceived by the director, Robert Hale) revolved around her not being in it. I knew she was going on holiday, etc etc & was fine with all of it.

"There wasn't one thing on the entire page that was true, except for the part about my sordid romp in the bathroom of a Soho nightclub with a tranny, midget hooker named Perry."

Actually, we find the denial less plausible than the original, somewhat weak story. Ronson, apparently, was the only person in the world who knew Winehouse was "going on holiday" and the no-Amy in the video was a feature, not a bug. He should have just stopped typing at "bullshite". Actually, at the "t" in bullshite.


Hans said...

using the word 'shite' does reek of a transatlantic phoneyness, like when americans come over all irish... still at least when hes busy writing poorly-worded web excuses he's not making unforgiveable smiths covers.

Kit said...

the no-Amy in the video was a feature, not a bug.

To be fair, there was only a cartoon Allen (but real Kaiser Chiefs!) in the video for his previous single, so having ersatz featured vocalists does look like a theme of the clips.

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