Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sony BMG invent CD with mini-bar mark-up

Sony BMG have signed a big deal with Sheraton Hotels that will see them somehow deliver music to the hotel chain. We're not quite sure what either side think they'll get out of this - are customers really going to think "I'll go and stay at at a Sheraton because there might just be Imogen Heap preloaded onto the telly"? Are guests going to choose to watch a limited range of music videos just because they happen to be there?

Odder still is this:

The two companies will also create a compilation CD unique to every hotel that will be sold for 20 dollars. W's has already been developed and includes artists such as Goldfrapp, Nina Simone, DJ Krush and Dirty Vegas.

They're going to charge ten quid for a compilation CD advertising the place? Now, we know the crazy economics of hotel rooms makes mini Toblerones suddenly worth three quid... but this is the sort of thing they might just get away with as a freebie for every guest, rather than trying to charge way over the odds for.