Friday, September 21, 2007

Time for accountants

Now, we have as much respect for The Libertines and their great pop moments as anyone, but did their back catalogue really stretch so far as to make a compilation album either possible or necessary? Or is this merely a Christmastime cash-in, shaking down the loyal for a few more quid for the songs they'll already own?


Anonymous said...

Nobody will bit it anyway.Most overrated band of the decade.

Anonymous said...

really sad to see this being released :(

best british guitar band of the decade but someone - either the band or their accountants - is taking the piss out of the fans with this. such a shame. i'm off to listen to the the parkinsons and crave for it to be 2002 again

Anonymous said...

Well i suppose it was inevitable however we feel about it. Personally I loved the first album and Don't Look Back Into The Sun but thought the other album was self-absorbed shite. Let's face it, most press outlets have been obsessing over The Sex Pistols reunion over the last couple of days. They only released ONE album and yet they seem to have warranted dozens of different shades of shit compilations, etc. I guess it just comes with the territory. Still I can't imagine who's going to buy it.

Anonymous said...

Who is this compilation intended for? Most Libertines fans I know are pretty obsessive and wouldn't have a reason to buy this. This might be interesting for newer fans if some of the Legs 11 tracks were included (and frankly, they deserve a bigger audience). But considering they've always been available to download, who would pay for them?

I love this band but just don't see the point.

Captain-Awesome said...

Most Libs fans will own the two albums. I hardly see why ANYBODY would buy this, perhaps the only reason would be that some people don't have the b-sides included on this rather shoddy 'best of'. By the way these b-sides are available for free at places like

Anonymous said...

The Libertines have over 60 songs you dick. Just because some twats at Rough Trade have put a shit compilation together shouldn't blind you to their legacy.

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