Monday, September 24, 2007

Who's Courtney fighting today?

We're opening the September 24th window on the Courtney Love 2007 fight calendar, and find TV's Antony Cotton. He's just there replacing Sharon Osbourne, of course.

For it is Sharon who has got Courtney's back up - Sharon claimed that Coutney introduced Jack Osbourne to OxyCotin:

“My dislike towards her (Love) is very personal.

“I’m not saying Jack wouldn’t have taken it if she hadn’t given it to him, but I’m appalled an adult mother would give that to a 15-year-old boy.”

Presumably it would have been okay for a child mother to give drugs to a teenager. We love the idea that Jack Osbourne had lived a life sheltered from drugs until Courtney turned up.

Of course, Love denies it all:
I never did that. I would never give drugs to a teenager. Fuck you Sharon – as if I would ever give drugs to a teenager.”

Osbourne and Love screeching at each other. It's like Macaws in a firestorm.

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