Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Will I Am introduces the MP3 blog which pays for itself

An impressive turning-on-head of the way webleaks work: Universal is offering a player for embedding in blogs and so on with an obligatory piece of sales widgetry; bloggers get new Will I Am music to offer to their visitors, and, if they spark a sale of a download, get cashback, too.

It's a virtuous circle, apart from the idea of people buying Will I Am tracks at all.
Billy thinks it's a whole new world:

“People are still making music like they're making vinyl and CDs and then the music ends up on the internet,” he says.

“When MTV was launched people made videos for MTV why aren't people making an experience for the internet? This will be the first time someone does that.”

It's not, of course, as it's just an embedded player with affiliate marketing, but what's new is the slightly more conciliatory approach of the record label.

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