Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Boss and the horse

Did anyone ever actually follow that "Fooled in the USA" cover story the NME ran years back, which focused on some sort of accusation of Bruce Springsteen being beastly to his staff over a lost canoe? Did it all turn out right in the end?

Today, there's a new accusation being thrown at Springsteen: he's being sued by a bloke who that he failed to buy a horse off them:

The Boss and wife Patti Scialfa are accused of pulling out of buying the horse for their daughter Jessica at the last minute.

Former Olympic equestrian star Todd Minikus claims the Springsteens put a £12,500 deposit on the horse, called Pavarotti.

But they pulled out after Pavarotti performed badly at a top event.

A horse called Pavarotti? Who knew that wouldn't jump over fences easily?

We're a little confused here - surely the point of paying a deposit is to cover this sort of eventually, where the deal is broken for some reason? That's what deposits are for, isn't it? Minikus gets his horse back, gets to keep 25 thousand dollars, everyone's happy. Surely?

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