Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Close to retail"

It's been an interesting experiment - except when the website crashed. According to the band's spokesperson, people aren't taking the piss when ordering the new Radiohead album at the 'name your price' site:

"Although the idea is that you can decide what you want to pay, most people are deciding on a normal retail price with very few trying to buy it for a penny."

Murray Chalmers - for it is he - doesn't say if he means "retail" as in "new release in an independent high street shop" or "back catalogue in a dump bin in Tesco" sense, which offers something of a spread for how much people are offering.

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Devin said...

More power to Radiohead! By the way, I've cofounded a site called SongSlide that lets any independent band sign up for free and let their fans pick the price for their music. Sorry to self-promote here, but it's too dead-on to pass up. If you're interested, you can check it out at www.songslide.com.

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