Thursday, October 04, 2007

CMJ and Imeem come together

This year's CMJ Marathon hasn't been the smoothest of events - there's been a lot of complaining from new bands that they don't believe their submissions have been listened to by those who compile the shortlist (sadly, this is almost certainly right, but it's always been like that - nobody has the time to read the entire Booker longlist or listen to every demo).

Still, now the list of artists has been settled, CMJ have done a nifty deal with Imeem, the clumsily-named service which attempts to answer the question 'why isn't there a service like YouTube which makes embedding audio as simple as embedding videos' to bring over 200 bands onto a virtual festival site which is also shareable.

Like this track, from the mighty beautiful St Vincent:


Anonymous said...

i love st. vincent. cool music and hot style. imeem is rad.

James said...

Dang, that is beautiful...

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