Monday, October 01, 2007

Drink to the Mobos

Gabrielle's recent criticisms of the Mobos - she complained that they're US-centric and lack any recognition of soul - have been considered by Mutya out of the Sugababes (very out of the Sugababes), and she doesn't agree:

"I don't think any awards should be stopped.

"It's great to get drunk and have fun and not have any hate. We're all in the same industry."

Aha. So, it's not a celebration of the achievements of artists working primarily in genres with a black heritage; it's a piss-up. Although if you really just wanted to have a gathering where people got drunk and have fun, you could just put in a bus shelter and not worry about trying to create a shortlist without Dizzee Rascal's name on it.


James said...

Good idea, but Kanye West would still manage to have a strop when he found out 50 Cent's bus had the Lowrider facility for easier pushchair access, whilst his only had a fold-out ramp.

Hans said...

The Kersal Massive would clear up.

They don't fuck about.

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