Saturday, October 13, 2007

Every million helps

The Spice Girls are pocketing "a million quid each" (we imagine there's some journalistic hyperbole invested in that figure) for advertising soulless storeborg chain Tesco:

A source said: "Tesco is one of the tour sponsors and has been desperate to get them in an advert. They will be sending themselves up, in the tradition of the old Jane Horrocks ads, and viewers should find it funny."

"Should find it funny" is a bit of an odd phrasing, isn't it? Like "might be idly amused", it doesn't exactly speak of much confidence in their abilities.

Mind you, the Jane Horrocks ads weren't famous people "sending themsleves up", as they were all playing characters, weren't they?

Still, viewers should find it funny. Especially those scraping together enough to get a cart full of Value Brand groceries. They'll be gurgling with delight at helping Beckham bank a few more thousand quid.

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James said...

I'm noticing a pattern here. Whenever the Spice Girls embark on any sort of non-music appearance, the public have to be told they're 'Sending themselves up'. The publicity around the Spiceworld movie made constant reference to the group 'Sending themselves up', Beckham's dreadful US TV show included scenes which 'Showed she's not afraid to laugh at herself', and now this. Anyone would think they'd given Charlie Brooker and Chris Rock free reign on the scripts, granting them carte blanche to rip into any of their faults or indescretions, no matter how reluctant the group were to mention them.

What we actually get, of course, is such savage satire as Emma suggesting that Victoria wears a lot of black dresses, and Victoria's minders driving a sex doll around.

Wonder what they'll do for this advert? How about a recreation of the daily scene in which a hapless shelf-stacker labels up the reductions, causing a feeding frenzy as punters race to grab something whether they really want it or not. The Spice Girls walk past, observe the crush and remark
"Did you ever see such a rush for grotty leftovers approaching their sell-by date?"
"Not since our tickets went on sale"

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