Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fab wacky Macca heads a nodding

Who knew that Paul McCartney was a YouTube Titan? Victoria Newton, that's who. She breathlessly reports that the old dog has learned the power of viral marketing:

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has kicked off a new craze among YouTube fans.

Macca should be picking up his bus pass at his age but instead he’s joined the hordes of teenagers posting home videos online.

Let's just pause a while to marvel at Newton's gerontophonia - she might also pause before suggesting Macca's at an age when people are past it, what with Rupert Murdoch signing her paycheques despite being 12 years older than McCartney.

And we're certian that McCartney himself sits uploading his promotional videos himself, and doesn't have people to do this sort of thing. But carry on, Newton:
He filmed a clip of himself and pals including KATE MOSS’s ex JEFFERSON HACK nodding along to a track from his new album called, er...Nod Your Head.

Now thousands of people have added their own versions, including shots of dogs in Canada and a class of nursery-school kids.

Let's not point out to Victoria that the video was posted four months ago, and instead wonder why we can't find more than 192 videos when we search on "Nod your head" - many of which are related to the Will Smith song.

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