Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gonna buy some records by the Status Quo

Francis Rossi isn't that impressed by Amy Winehouse:

"Amy is supposed to be great but I can't stick her. I like a couple of records but I'm not sure if people will like her in three years.

"I'm not knocking her for the sake of it. But I have been subjected to so much of Amy and her antics that I just think, 'Fuck off'.

"What message does giving her Woman Of The Year send to young people? There has to be some responsibility somewhere, surely?"

Well, she's been named Woman of the Year in Mojo magazine, so I doubt if any young people will ever notice, but... do carry on:
"Everyone knew what was going on with her. She's not a good role model.

"They should have said to her: 'You're not getting it. You would have done but you're not cutting it anymore.'

"She may be able to sing, but what gets through to the kids in the street is the fact that she is out of her tree, falling over and not being able to keep her hands out of her knickers. She should straighten herself out."

These are fine words, although Status Quo have dined out more than once on their tales of being wasted at Live Aid, which might throw their claims to pick role models for the next generation into some sort of relief.

But Rossi hasn't finished. He then turns his attention to Pete Doherty:
"Doherty, on the other hand, isn't even worth entertaining. At least Amy has serious talent. Pete hasn't got anything. There's no talent there, otherwise he would do something. He doesn't count. He seems quite intelligent but the records are grim."

Pete gets busted, then comes straight out and thinks it's no problem being nicked.

There's no fear of the law or of punishment and young people think, 'If he can do it so can I'. Doherty is still acting like an angry young man and so are Oasis. Get off it. You can't be an angry young man pushing 30 and if you are you're a twat."

Well, certainly you shouldn't be publishing teenage-style diaries at that age.


Anonymous said...

"Well, certainly you shouldn't be publishing teenage-style diaries at that age."

May I ask how your age, Mr. No Rock And Roll Fun? Or is sarcastic bloggery immune from "teenage diary" comparisons?

Unknown said...

bloody hell thats a long article. who on earth is going to read all that shit

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

37, anonymous, and while I can see what you're saying - although I fear No Rock is more on a par with one of those humorous columns that appear in smaller-circulation free newspapers - but even if this a teenage diary, at least i don't illustrate it with pictures drawn in blood and charge £20 for a look.

Anonymous said...

Random R&B - yes, isn't it awfully long. And those books people write, some over 200 pages, who's got the time to read all that? Crazy.

Unknown said...

duckie, it's long for an article largely talking about the lead singer of status quo talking about himself. im sure if one of the posts here making fun of something idiotic beth ditto had said ran to, say, 300 words, it might draw some criticism for being overlong to the point where noone would bother to read something about such a topic for such a length of time and in such detail. i dont know about you, but i generally don't apply the same criteria to tabloid newspaper articles about status quo as i do to 200-page novels or academic texts, you blithering idiot

eyetie said...

@random namewaytoolong: Are you talking about the original article or the extra few lines Simon HB added?

Maybe you'll be better off on Twitter and then you can work your way up to mult-sentence articles over time?

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