Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Klaxons honk about the Pistols

With the NMRE bravely continuing with its misguided campaign to "right" history by sending the Sex Pistols to the lower-end of the Top 30, they've now pulled The Klaxons in to overstate the importance of the band:

Jamie Reynolds [...] declared he would do all he could to get 'God Save The Queen' back into the charts.

"The Sex Pistols are probably the most important band that existed so I'm happy to support NME's campaign in any way I can. I will certainly be buying several copies," he declared.

He added: "It wasn't even the music necessarily, it was the thought that went into the Sex Pistols that was important. But buying the single will at least be the first step to realising that for anyone who doesn't know the band's history or legacy."

We're not sure this actually was meant to make any sense - how can you support a campaign to "correct" a chart position if you don't "know the band's history or legacy"? "I'm righting a historical wrong I've never heard of", then?

The Sex Pistols aren't without a legacy, of course. They provided an image of punk - drooling, thoughtless, heartless, cartoony, without a sense of history - for the media; a stereotype which scrubbed all the subtlety, individuality, and awareness from the genre. The Sex Pistols legacy is Gizzard Puke and Matt Belgrano. The historical outrage is the way punk was hijacked by the trouser salesman and the realtor; not the awkward fact that they were outsold by Rod Stewart.


Anonymous said...

You can't blame the fact that Punk turned into a parody of itself on the Pistols. At the time they were a groundbreaking band - and Punk would not have existed in any recogniseable form without them. No Pistols = no Clash, no Damned, no Banshees, no Buzzcocks, no Wire, no Joy Division...etc etc

As for the Rod Stewart point, let's get the facts right. The Pistols did infact outsell Stewart..that much has since come to light in recent years from people within the industry.

Keep using the Great Rock and Roll Swindle as your educational tool. Mclaren would be proud of you.

PS: I agree that the NME campaign is crap.

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