Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spice Girls: All for one. Where "one" means "mememe"

The Daily Mail has taken some time to peer into the black heart of the preparations for the Spice Girls tour, and the jostling for position between the various egos.

It suggests that Geri Halliwell's appearance at the initial press conference in a white dress wasn't an accident, but a deliberate 'look at me' effort to break the agreement that all the women would wear matching black (it's not known if Victoria's odd-looking breasts were signed off in advance.)

Meanwhile, Mel B's inability to get herself booted-off Dancing With The Stars is causing rehearsal problems - although not as many as Geri's need to take repeated meditation breaks. On top of which, Victoria is gunning to get the star billing on the dates.

Don't you feel glad you're not Emma Bunton?

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karlt said...

...Geri Halliwell's appearance at the ... wasn't an accident

Is that a surprise to anybody? At all? This is Geri Halliwell we're talking about. The woman's neediness must be visible from space.

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