Thursday, October 04, 2007

Twang fears booze will lead to boos

Phil Etheridge out of The Twang is fretting about the amount he's drinking - he's worried that it's taking its toll on his throat and he might not be able to sing any more.

We know the cynical amongst you will now be sending across a double whiskey with your fingers crossed, but to be fair, it's almost unheard of to hear a blokey singer worrying about such things:

"We haven't had a chance to think this year.

"We've been on tour since January and we have been caning it. I have got to calm it down. I haven't had a night off the drink since we've been signed.

"My throat is starting to tear up now and I am worried about this next tour.

"Without being too emotional, if I can't sing I'm lost."

You'll notice, though, it's the effects on his voice, rather than his soft, lovely brains or fleshy, hard-working liver, which is what's bothering him. We'd imagine that it'd be just as hard to carry on with your organs buggered, although judging by many of the current slew of second-division acts, having perfectly firing synapses doesn't inhibit your inability to delight XFM listeners.

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