Thursday, October 04, 2007

The View: what larks

It takes a special brand of stupid to decide to push duvets down toilets for a "laugh"; it's interesting when tiresome boors like The View do this sort of thing they never do it in their own homes. The sooner they're back cleaning up after other people instead of making minimum wage employees lives a misery with their larks, the better the universe will be balanced.


Anonymous said...

Whoever went with "View Behaving Badly" is never going to get that bigger job at The Sun. There's about a thousand better puns (i.e. actual puns) not least the obvious "View's a Naughty Boy".

Chris Brown said...

I presume that little "hats off!" at the end is supposed to be a pun. Unless they're actually saying that they approve of this and would welcome somebody doing it in the Mirror office, of course.

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