Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Winehouse: Jagger helps out

In an interview for BBC News, Mick Jagger breathes a sigh of relief that Amy Winehouse is getting space to work through her problems:

What a worry, eh? It seems to have gone a bit quiet now hasn't it, the Amy Winehouse story. Everyone goes through these things when they get very famous so hopefully Amy will come out the other side with equanimity and a new lease of life.

Everyone goes through these things? Really? David Dimbleby and Tim Henman and that bloke with the umbrella who does Coast all disappeared into a drug-fuelled tube, did they?

Still, like Jagger says, the story has gone a little quiet now, giving Winehouse the chance to get better in... oh, hang on a minute, what's this splashed all over The Sun?:
Jagger: I fear for Amy

MICK JAGGER fears AMY WINEHOUSE is heading for an early grave.

The troubled star sang on stage with the ROLLING STONES at the Isle of Wight Festival this summer.

But she pulled out of her support slot on part of the rockers’ Bigger Bang world tour after her drug meltdown in August.

Now singer Mick has opened his heart on the industry’s flawed new queen. Speaking in Germany, Jagger said: “Amy is a brilliant artist who makes fantastic music. She has class.

“But I’m worried she might die if she goes down the road that she has taken.”

But, if she does die, she'll be "coming through it with equanimity", right, Mick?

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