Thursday, October 04, 2007

Winehouse tour dates under shadow

Victoria Newton is muttering that Amy Winehouse's tour is "in jeopardy", although it turns out that she's just thinking of pulling dates around Blake Chinless-Wonder's GBH trial. Newton effectively writes off the Manchester gig:

He strongly denies the charge. Besotted Amy is determined to be by his side as he tries to avoid a jail term.

But she is due in Manchester on the same night to play her first UK tour gig since recovering from her drugs overdose.

Family friends say Amy’s dad Mitch is terrified that if Blake is banged up, it may tip fragile Amy over the edge. A source said: “Blake comes first in Amy’s life — everything else comes second, including her career.

“She doesn’t care that she has a gig that night. Nothing is going to stop her being in court with him.

“They plan to spend a week holed up together to prepare for the worst."

Worrying stuff. But we're a little surprised to hear from Victoria Newton that Amy is so besotted, and how Blake comes first. It was only the start of the week when Newton was telling the world it was all over for the couple:
THERE'S trouble in paradise between AMY WINEHOUSE and her husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL. More like trouble in hell, really. For their love bubble seems to have burst.

Pals of Amy think they are finally getting through to her as they try to prise her from bad-boy Blake.

So, either the relationship is in its death throes, or else stronger than ever. Thank god you can rely on Newton to be right fifty per cent of the time.

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