Thursday, October 18, 2007

Woman wears tights - shock

We're en route from somewhere to somewhere, but had to dash to an internet cafe when we heard on CNN about the exclusive story Victoria Newton has broken this morning: Nicola Roberts wore a pair of tights to a Girls Aloud photoshoot.

Yes, that's the main story.

Newton - crack journo that she is - launches into well-informed speculation about why a lady might wear tights:

Maybe she had forgotten to shave. Or had not found time to get to a tanning salon.

Maybe. Or maybe they weren't really her legs, and were actually the butchered remains of a Bernie Clifton-style ostrich. Somebody, please, call PETA for a quote.


Jack said...

"Forgot the dress code"? If someone's going to make a "story" out of that, surely the fact that the one on the right (my ability to name all of Girls Aloud isn't that great) is wearing a completely differennt colour to the rest of them is more "worthy" of Victoria Newton's precious words?

James said...

That photo is terrifying. Are they now so busy that they send animatronic models of themselves to the less-interesting photoshoots? It's like something from Westworld, crossed with Viz's 'Awkward Smile' competition (in which readers would send in their favourite photos of council dignitaries forcing out pained grins for the local press).

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