Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Alex Turner: Rock and roll - or MOR

Naturally, the Sky Showbiz team are excited by the story of Alex Turner gatecrashing a party. 'What a rock and roll bad boy he is', they trill, for all the world like residents of a cyberCranford.

But is it really so iconoclastic to gatecrash Sharleen Spiteri's 40th birthday bash? Isn't that a bit like stealing cash from your gran's electricity money jar - neither very difficult, nor especially anything to be proud of.


Unknown said...

well, the arctic monkeys have - much to my delight - pretty much refused to give the showbiz press any sort of gossip fodder throughout their career so far. so you would sort of expect that once the showbiz press get a whiff of something that might be remotely "rock n roll", that they're going to go milk it for all it's worth.

Anonymous said...


alex turner is the biggest ligger since liam gallagher thesedays! he makes carl barat look like syd barrett!

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