Thursday, November 22, 2007

Celine Dion: a little picky

Celine Dion had announced a gig in Halifax, and was somewhat surprised that - rather than declare a Celine Dion day - the people of Halifax were a little disappointed. Or, rather, a newspaper columnist was.

Celine, however, threw a big fit and pulled the gig. Not quite grasping that people weren't that arsed about her coming in the first place, her husband-manager Rene Angélil suggested that Halifax should feel itself scolded:

"I'm gonna tell you something and I hope everyone is listening. Don't try to find any reasons for cancelling the concert. There's only one reason and you know what it is," he said.

"I'm not saying that all people in Halifax are negative, but … this is a question of feeling. We're humans. If you would go to a city and you read day after day … 'This is not the place for you, you shouldn't have come, I expected someone else,' I don't know how you would feel about going there."

Now, considering some of the things that people say about Celine Dion - references to her horse-faced honking, suggestions that she could play a role keeping shipping off rocks in thick fog, that sort of thing - this might be considered a little touchy.

It gets a worse, too:
Angélil, who said he monitors worldwide media response to Dion on a daily basis, said he's astonished at the response from the Halifax media.

"We get negative reactions all the time when they review her records or shows. I mean, this is part of the game. But we never got negative reactions before an event," he said.

"Wait until she performs and then you can say whatever you want about Celine."

Now, leaving aside the image of a woman so vain she's got her husband up tapping her name into Google News on a daily basis, is it really necessary after her surprisingly long and drawn out career to actually wait for the gig to happen to have a pretty good idea what its going to be like? It's not as if people come away from Dion gigs saying "blimey... spunkrock... you never know what you're going to get, do you?" It's surely fair enough to hear a woman who has been turning in the same performance for a decade or so is coming to town and to say "her music is insipid so it's a bit of a shame."

Still, it's good to know it only takes a negative preview in the local paper to keep her out of town. We know what to do.


Mikey said...

Hang on. Let me get this clear in my mind:

Every time she performs she gets a bad review? But she still carries on doing the same show?

Is that what he said? Or do I just need to have another coffee & read the quote again because that's what it looks like.

Lemon Kitten said...

I thought she was coming to Halifax, England - imagine my disappointment.

CarsmileSteve said...

hehe, me too. also that preview is rly like "aw, i wanted a rock band. oh well maybe this will help us get someone i want to see next year" rather than eg "LONG FACES OVER HALIFAX!" which would have been my headline of choice ;)

Rachel Summers said...

Men, women and children of Halifax, I salute you for successfully keeping your town Dion-free.

Heh..seriously though, I note like carsmilesteve that the preview in question actually is in favour of the concert, arguing that Dion's presence would be a stepping-stone to more A-listers coming, so it's not like they were preparing to stone her or something.

It seems Angélil either glossed over that part, or read it and decided to punish the town anyway for not being appropriately sycophantic.

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