Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cole rages at Doherty

Cheryl Cole is fuming at Pete Doherty's soft touch from the courts:

"Pete Doherty is not a poet. He writes shit. He is a waste of fresh air. Why is he such a genius? Because he went out with Kate Moss? And he gets let off from jail.

"Kids think 'Oh, he doesn't even get locked up.' More deserving people are on the waiting list for methadone every single day."

Yes, the courts do appear to treat Doherty with a gentle touch, which could be seen as sending out the wrong message to young people, giving them the sense they, too, could get away with anything. Like, you know, when famous people beat up toilet attendants and don't go to jail.

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Anonymous said...

She sure is the pot calling the kettle black....and then beating it up because of that.

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