Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Elvis: Attacked on all sides

Poor old Elvis. Not only has he been dead for thirty years - thereby missing out on Wendy's Triple Stack - but now his supremacy as the greatest pop record holder is being nibbled away.

Garth Brooks has just overtaken him as the biggest-selling solo artist of all time - and he's still alive, and still recording, giving him something of an advantage over Elvis.

To make matters worse, Jay-Z looks a shoo-in to tie Elvis' record of most number ones by a solo artist. (Z, by the way, is grumpily refusing to allow his album, American Gangster, go on iTunes because he doesn't want people to pick and choose which tracks to buy. Which, we'd suggest, is an admission by Z that there's some filler on the album that nobody would buy if it was left to go to market on its own merits.)

Oh, and the Reeses Peanut Butter and Banana Creme Elvis memorial edition was as horrible and inedible as anything late-period Presley managed. A tribute to a man who ate himself to death in chocolate and peanut butter? Fitting.

And - seemingly as a comment from the chorus - several copies of scripts from Elvis' movies were destroyed in the California fires last week. The most terrible thing being, of course, that they weren't destroyed before Elvis made them into films.