Thursday, November 29, 2007

Geri: Have New York as a sorry

It seems that there's still a lot of bad blood in the Spice Girls camp, with Geri's screwing up of the America tour she quit before not quite fading away:

Victoria added: "When Geri left, it was really difficult for all of us. But we had the American leg of the tour to fulfil, and nothing was going to stop us from doing that. But we were devastated. The Spice Girls is about five girls."

Geri is abashed:
"I'm sorry. I'm making amends this time."

And how is Geri making amends?
"I made sure we got America in the tour schedule."

Yeah, that must have involved delicate negotiations and called for persuasiveness. Doubtless she's going to say sorry for bouncing Mel C into an eating disorder by making absolutely certain that Wannabe is on the setlist.