Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jay-Z hides the secret messages

Jay-Z has promised that his new album is packed with all kinds of secret messages:

[The hidden references are] really for the people who like to listen like that [closely], first. And it's [also] for people to catch later.

"You know how sometimes someone says a line and you can guess the second one, where they're going? You can't guess it or can't see it [with me] - it just comes out of nowhere.

"And you might not get it ever. Or you might get it five years later."

Our expert said that he didn't spot any hidden references on the record, but he didn't have time to discus it any further as he'd been overcome with the sudden urge to go and shout obscenities at Cam'Ron.


Jack said...

It's slightly odd to read that Jay-Z has had a "hip-hop feud" (reading about them always makes me laugh) with the leader of the Tory party.

Or have I missed the point again?

simon h b said...

Lethal Bizzle, of course, actually does have a feud with David Cameron...

Jack said...

Why have I now got images of David Cameron making a rap tape full of "diss tracks" accusing Lethal Bizzle of stealing his immigration policy?

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