Friday, November 09, 2007

Malcolm Middleton wortha punt?

A PR mailout has reached us with the heartening news that, not only has miserablist Malcolm Middleton decided to do a Christmas song, but he's even gone out and put a bet on himself getting to number one:

Putting him in direct competition with this years X Factor winner and the Spice Girls, William Hill have given Malcolm odds of 1000/1 in what the bookmakers say is 'the longest ever odds we’ve given on a Christmas number 1!' The title of the single is We’re All Going To Die.

Which is all somewhat amusing, but also a little puzzling: Williams Hill had previously announced they were closing the book on the Christmas number one. Surely it's slightly fraudulent to take Malcolm's money when they'd refuse wagers on, say, The Spice Girls? Or is the bookies just losing track of its publicity puffs?