Monday, November 19, 2007

McCartney battles to save a Post Office

One of the Post Offices near one of Paul McCartney's homes is to close, and Macca - and his brother Mike "McGear" McCartney aren't happy:

Paul's brother Mike McCartney is to read a message from the former Beatle outside the post office in Lower Heswall, Wirral, which could be axed.

Mike, 63, said: "We have both had our homes here for over 40 years. This is the local village and post office."

Mike doesn't find time to address the irony that a lot of villages are losing their amenities like pubs and post offices because rich people buy up houses and only live there for a few weeks a year, if that, while the local community - who would have used the services regularly, year-round - are priced out by the second and third home owners.

We imagine Paul's going to be sending a letter addressing this subject, just as soon as he can find somewhere to buy a stamp.

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