Friday, November 09, 2007

Mills loses her briefs

According to The Sun, who don't make any great strides to not look like they're enjoying it, Mishcon de Reya are no longer representing Heather Mills in her divorce (or, presumably, the legal disputes with the News of the World). Apparently, the lawyers are unhappy she ignored their advice to go not give interviews about the divorce, and even more unhappy that she broke the court injunction on talking about Beatrice.

Meanwhile, the paper splendidly reports on Heather's latest GM-TV performance without mentioning that they're the target of much of her ranting. Indeed, rather than even finding space to at least hint their journalism is the target of much of Mills' ire, they instead have a bit of a pop at GM-TV's standards instead:

FOR a moment during last week’s GMTV Mucca meltdown Fiona Phillips seemed to be doing well.

As Heather launched into her rant, a flicker of panic appeared in Phillips’ eyes — before she realised this was top TV.

So she kept quiet and let Mucca descend deeper into her furious tirade.

But by allowing Mucca back on the GMTV sofa yesterday and refusing to question her, Phillips has given in to the ramblings of an unhinged woman.

As a journalist she had a duty to her viewers — and she let them down.

All of a sudden The Sun starts to care about the quality of journalism and thinking that it's wrong to simply hand a platform to people to deliver their publicity-seeking messages. Bad news for Victoria Newton, then.

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