Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Record shops tell record labels "lighten up on piracy"

It's not just music fans who think the record labels are going over the top in their war on piracy: the Entertainment Retailers Assocation in the UK have suggested that digital sales are being destroyed by the obsession with DRM:

Incompatible proprietary technologies, aimed at defeating rampant piracy in the digital music era, are instead “stifling growth and working against the consumer interest”, said Kim Bayley, director-general of the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA).

Recorded music companies had been “quick to complain” that the slide in CD sales had not been offset by growth in digital music, Ms Bayley said, but their embrace of digital rights management (DRM) systems “might have added to the slow take-up of legal digital services”.

So, the customers don't like it. The stores don't like it. Most of the artists - who've expressed a preference - don't like it. Will the labels finally get the hint?

[Clue: No]

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