Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cerys life now little more than a punt

There might be a growing suspicion that her appearance on I'm A Celebrity hasn't exactly done much for Cerys Matthews' gravitas. Indeed, now her sideshow romance with comedy figure Marc Bannerman has turned into something akin to a game of Totopoly. Bookies are taking bets on the chances of her getting married.

Oh, and divorced:

Marc, who dumped his long-term girlfriend to hook up with Welsh singer Cerys Matthews, has odds that he will marry the Catatonia star next year are 9/1. And there are similar odds for a subsequent divorce - at 8/1.

"The jungle drums haven't stopped beating since Marc ditched his girlfriend and started looking for a house where he could set up a love nest with Cerys," said Dave Metcalf, from Betfred.

So, in effect, Betfred's odds are suggesting that Matthews and Bannerman are more likely to divorce than they are to get married. We're not sure that's entirely possible.


karlt said...

I think the key word is 'subsequent', Simon.

simon h b said...

But even so, how can a subsequent event be more likely than the event which precedes it?

karlt said...

Don't make me get my Montgomery and Runger out...
Anyway, I'm off to the in-laws. Have a great Christmas and thanks for another year of work avoidance and amusement.
Take care,

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