Thursday, December 20, 2007

Daily Mail points and laughs

We're not entirely sure if we've read it correctly, but it does seem that todya's Cher and Chastity Bono story in today's Mail consists of nothing other than the observation that "Cher is thin, but her daughter isn't."

They try to dress it up with a quote from an "onlooker":

Cher and Chastity shared a really relaxed meal and both seemed on excellent form. Mother and daughter are clearly very close as they spent most of the hour laughing and chatting away like there was no tomorrow.

Doesn't "like there's no tomorrow" usually mean something along the lines of "relentlessly, as if time to complete against an immovable deadline"? Can you actually have a relaxed lunch like there's no tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

Wow with this and the Gordon/Posh post some proper press criticism today rather than the tired 'erm... The Sun print pictures of girls... erm' stuff.

Anonymous said...

You've got to 'love' the Mail who try to dress up their gutter press core values in a way that fleetingly disguises the fact that this is just an excuse to print voyeuristic 'heat' style photos (and maybe hammer home a few standard DMail stereotypes to boot).You've got to laugh (haven't you?).

meccleshall said...

the article is also laughingly contradictory.

first para,
"Chastity, who is thought to be around 18 stone"

picture caption,
"Chastity Bono has gained more weight since a stint on a reality weight-loss show and is said to have swelled to 23 stone"

5 stone difference. thats a pretty broad margin of error (no pun intended....)

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