Monday, December 10, 2007

Five years ago today

Whitney Houston had to read songwords off her shoe during a nightmare on Good Morning America;
Jay Leno struggled to understand how The Vines could turn up loaded;
Colin Murray got a job filling the awkward gap between Lamacq and Lowe;
and, having lost Atomic Kitten, Andy McClusky put his faith in Jennifer Ellison.

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James said...

It was strange, that transition from Lamacq to Lowe, wasn't it? Have to say I enjoyed Colin Murray's stand-in show, though. I remember the night the whole country was caught by a surprise snowstorm and people were stranded on motorways, I was driving home through winding country back-roads listening to that show (I think they were meant to be broadcasting live from somewhere, but they were stranded too). It was aces. John Peel's show afterwards was good too - The plan was for Low to play live at Peel Acres, but Peel had been at Radio 1 all day and couldn't get home in time. So we had the strange radio spectacle of John Peel presenting a show from a studio in London, occasionally handing over to a live band playing in his house.

(Sadly they didn't play 'Just Like Christmas', but they did start with 'The Last Snow Storm Of The Year', which made for what I believe is known as a 'moment').

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