Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kosovo gets a visit

50 Cent has popped up in Kosovo, unfazed by the potential Balkan-igniting split of the province from Serbia. His main duty was to ensure that the good people of Kosovo got a new telephone network, properly promoted, and gazed lovingly on the thousands who came out to see him:

"I'm from Jamaica, Queens," said 50 Cent. "So for me to come out here and see 25,000 tickets sell out in eight hours is amazing. I'm probably more excited than the average fan."

Not all the fans, you'll note, just the average ones.

Kosovo hasn't exactly seen a lot of large tours recently - somehow Bono has never managed to get U2 to Pristina - so it could be that it's less the pull of Fifty Cent than the glitter of any international celebrity that filled the stadium.

Cent, though, is convinced it's his scars which have them packed in:
"They live in the same type of environment that on a smaller level we are subjected to where I'm from. I know exactly what happens when the guns come out. Maybe that's why they (identify) with me," he said.

We must have missed the ethnic cleansing of Queens, then, and we're pretty certain we didn't hear very much of the NATO and UN interventions in New York to try and keep peace. Thank god we've got 50 Cent to keep us up to date on world politics.