Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rick Shaw pulled along by XFM

Back in our distant past, we were around Radio City at the time when the then-management told a new presenter he was going to be known as Rick Shaw on air. So successful was the not-quite-relevant punning name at rebranding him, we can't for the life of us remember what he was called before that.

Now, still with humorous name in place, Rick has joined XFM to take over the drivetime programme in London. In the meantime, he's been at Kerrang Radio, so this is something of a step up. He was always a thoroughly nice bloke, and we wish him well. "Well" might include something better than the broken XFM.

In other radio news, Classic FM has announced Barbie is going to be a presenter on the network over Christmas. The station says it doesn't see anything wrong with having a small chunk of plastic most people dimly remember from their childhoods doing a show, pointing out it already has Simon Bates in the line-up.

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