Monday, December 17, 2007

Robbie Williams is not married to EMI

We're not sure how Guy Hands and the EMI team will feel reading that Robbie Williams is considering quitting the label. Sure, when he signed to EMI a few years back, the deal was seen as a major one - EMI got a slice of tour and tat revenues; Williams was showered with cash in a manner unseen since the days when referees were pelted with coins at soccer matches.

Since then, though, EMI has changed hands and Williams has delivered a clunker of an album. Before his fans rush to the comment box to point out that it sold a lot of copies, the number it sold was nowhere near the level EMI would have been hoping for; the American market has shunned Williams and he's slipping them another collection of murdered swing classics as his contract-fulfilment album.

manager Tim Clark, co-founder of IE Music, told The Daily Telegraph: ''I would be very wary about signing him to any major at the moment."

Clark refused to comment on the star's current contract terms but said "all options" were open once he has completed his obligations.

We would hope that amongst the options would be 'retraining as a plumber or something'.


Anonymous said...

A plumber? That's a bit harsh. Surely in today's celebrity climate, he could get a few years of fame by rebranding himself 'Jonathan Wilkes' Friend'?

Anonymous said...

Robbie has had that much media exposure that maybe his agent needs to give Cadburys a bell and suggest some product endorsement. What I had in mind was Robbie & an "up for it" lass and a Mars bar.
He could entertain her.
Elvis grant me the serenity etc.

Anonymous said...

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