Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Robbie Williams is not that sorry

Buried deep on this morning's Bizarre is the news that Robbie Williams is going to apologise in court for the song which had a pop at Take That manager Nigel Martin-Smith:

In the original lyrics of the song, The 90s – which Rob had to change after the lawsuit was launched – he said how he fantasised about gouging Nigel’s eyes out. Nice guy.

Yes, the lyrics were repugnant. We know that, of course, because the previous incumbent of Bizarre - and now Gordon's boss, the Suntertainment uberfuhrer, Victoria Newton, published them in full. Unfounded claims that Martin-Smith had stolen cash and all.

Oddly, while Gordon's column finds room to speculate on if Williams will feel the pinch from the damages, he seems to have forgotten that The Sun also paid damages to Nigel Martin-Smith because of the song.