Thursday, December 13, 2007

Velvet Revolver to tour UK... maybe

Spinal Tap tribute act Velvet Revolver are planning a UK tour for next March:

Liverpool, University - March 15
Leeds, University - 16
Manchester, Apollo - 17
Newcastle, Academy - 19
Glasgow, Academy - 20
Wolverhampton, Civic - 22
Birmingham, Academy - 23
Brixton, Academy - 25
Brighton, Centre - 27

We wouldn't advise buying tickets just yet.


starman said...

Don't know who you are but you strike me as a music snobs - has no real love of music but just likes to be negative and seemingly superior about it. If you knew anything about Velvet Revolver you would not have made such a crass comment. They play rock and roll as it should be played with skill, talent and a love for music. Music is a pleasure and should be enjoyed without some tosser like you making cheap jibes. Learn to love music and be more positive you sound like a very unhappy person.

meccleshall said...

eerm starman, have you not noticed the editorial "slant" on every article. or the name "no rock n roll fun"?
It is a deliberately snobbish / deprecating / sarcastic blog, designed to poke fun at pretty much everyone in the "music" world.

get over it and chill out!

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