Friday, January 18, 2008

Geldof inspects Kent; Kent is found wanting

Seemingly having decided that Africa is a bit big for one man to sort out, Bob Geldof has instead picked Kent to save. He's been writing letters to the local paper about:

"It's a mad mystery - the battle of the ugliness of (Kent seaside town) Margate against the charm of its beaches. Kent is a bit scruffy and worn at the edges and some of its ugliness is inexcusable."

The county of Kent resorted by pretending to have trouble hearing, saying "what was that? Bob Geldof accused me of being 'a bit scruffy and worn at the edges'? Bob Geldof?"

A more measured response came from Andy Somers, president of a local college:
"This is just another slap for the kids of Margate - to be told by somebody they respect that their home is ugly."

Actually, Andy, it's Bob Geldof. I suspect not many kids even know who the strange old man moaning about the hanging baskets being wonky is.


James said...

"I suspect not many kids even know who the strange old man moaning about the hanging baskets being wonky even know who he is"

Oh crikey. I've just realised. There's the very real risk that these kids will genuinely only know him as 'Peaches Geldof's Dad'.

dora said...

re: james' comment

Actually, that is how I know of him. I've since been informed that he was in the Boomtown Rats, but having listened to them, realised I'd still never heard of them/anything by them before.

Possibly this is because I'm not British. I dunno. I dearly wish I wasn't aware of Peaches Geldof at all, though...

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