Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Glastonbury to force registration again

Not entirely unexpected: Glastonbury is going to enforce preregistration again this year.

Organiser Michael Eavis told BBC News: "I agree it is a tedious business, but people appreciate why we're doing it."

Really? Or do people merely go through with it because otherwise they don't get tickets? Did anyone really say "good-oh, we're registering to stop touts" last year?

Eavis makes suggestion that it almost is a proof of devotion:
"I think most people who are really determined to come find a way, don't they, or they try harder?

"It's only the people who are half-hearted about it that don't pursue the chase for a ticket," Mr Eavis said.

But if the idea is to close out touts, does that mean people who'd pay double, treble, even ten times face value are only half-hearted about going?

Eavis once again demonstrates his remarkable ability to rewrite history, by praising last year's process:
"We did it last year and it was perfect," Mr Eavis said.

"The only thing is some of the photographs weren't quite good enough so we're sharpening up the pictures."

... oh, and there was all the trouble when the system launched, and the slow registration turn out which meant the deadline had to be extended, and then there was the breach of the promises made to people when the information gathered in the process was used to send spam emails. None of which dents perfection.

Eavis has given some hints as to who's headlining - someone to bring the young people in, apparently:
"I'm putting on a black American headliner, who's absolutely terrific that's going to appeal to those people."

Since Snoop is unlikely to come in to Britain... it surely can't be 50 Cent, can it?