Saturday, January 12, 2008

How Courtney sees herself

Courtney Love is making herself involved in the planned tawdry cash-in ("planned filming") of the Heavier Than Heaven book about Kurt Cobain. Yes, it's a La Bamba for the grown-up grunge kids.

Love's main interest, of course, is in who will play her. She's been sending casting notes:

A close friend says: "Kirsten Dunst was rumoured to be in the frame, but Courtney really admires Scarlett and has already sent the contract out for her to sign. Courtney even copied Scarlett's sleek blonde movie look when she was in London for the Fashion Rocks party last year.

"This is a labour of love for Courtney and she is putting her heart and soul into making it an accurate, credible glimpse of her life with Kurt."

Doesn't that actually sound more like Courtney wants to play Scarlett? And wouldn't Hilary Duff be better for the role?

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