Friday, January 18, 2008

Kaisers drop new album. Altogether.

The Kaiser Chiefs have announced they're not going to release albums any more. At least, not until they're told to.

For the time being, it's going to be, um, formats that are quite like albums, warns Nick Hodgson:

"We mentioned mini-albums and double EPs, but we've got no fixed plans yet," drummer Nick Hodgson told the NME. "We want to break the routine of having to make an album every two years. It's totally boring.

"In the charts there are tons of indie bands playing chords and singing songs about the weekend. We're going to be doing the opposite and being the best."

There's two things here - the first is what exactly is the "opposite" of playing chords and singing about the weekend? Are the Kaisers working on an atonal noseflute opera about Thursdays?

Secondly: Poor old Kaisers, eh? The boring old drudge of having to record a dozen songs every twenty-four months must be so grinding for the poor dears. That's roughly one song every four weeks. It presumably doesn't help that people like nurses and care workers don't appear to show any sympathy for the poor lambs.