Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Kooks split. But not enough.

Max Rafferty has left The Kooks, for the second time. The band have got a replacement - because they teach you that 'the show must go on' at stage school - but for now, we're choosing to see it as one down, three to go.


sven945 said...

If I were to say that it's no doubt due to the massive cocaine problem that caused him to be "away" before, could it get anybody into trouble?

Anonymous said...

When he came back after leaving before didn't they say words to the effect that they "couldn't have gone on without him." If only.

duckie said...

Given their indie-by-numbers schtick I think it highly likely that they could replace all the members and carry on regardless in a Sugababes stylee. I don't think anyone would notice.

Come to think of it, the next challenge should be for the members of a male group to gradually be replaced by females until full transformation is achieved. Again without anyone noticing. Or at least without the sales figures noticing. I nominate The View for this bold experiment.

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