Friday, January 04, 2008

Louise flogs diets

Having done her stint "trying out" being size zero last year, it's something of a surprise to discover she's flogging diets for Boots.

Louise is fronting up a Body Mass Index campaign for the store:

The 'Know Your Figure' campaign aims to educate Brits on how to work out the healthy weight range for their individual height and frame, rather than focusing on counting pounds and inches.

Although, erm, body mass index is discovered by counting pounds and inches and doing some maths with them. And the United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition has some misgivings about the body mass index in the first place. And we're not sure that merely shifting the focus from pounds and ounces to BMI figures actually does anything very much about dealing with the problems which lead to men and women starving themselves to death, does it?


James said...

What is it with ex-popstars abusing their bodies for TV 'experiments'? This week we also had the pleasure of watching Michelle Heaton from Liberty X testing the effects of binge-drinking on ITV.

I didn't see either shows, mind. I'm waiting for Craig David's forthcoming documentary, 'Does It Really Make You Go Blind?'.

Anonymous said...

louise who?

Anonymous said...

Louise Redknapp...she's one of those one-name celebs though, like Madonna.

All I know about her is that she was voted Most Shaggable Female or something similar by some publication's readers a while back, with Most Shaggable Male going to Brian Molko. The photos from that were entertaining...

Olive said...

I saw the Michelle Heaton thing too. Who'd have thought that drinking 85 units of alcohol a week would jeopardise your relationships, health and professional life?
I'm hoping that next week they have members of Westlife gargling with shit and hurting themselves with pliers. Not necessarily for a documentary, you understand.

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