Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More trouble for EMI

Set again the bigger problems that EMI is struggling with, it's not much, but let's hope that Hands keeps enough staff on to deal with the lawsuit from Victory Records. The smaller label has the hump that Virgin tempted Hawthorne Heights into breaking their contract.

Amusingly, Victory have costed their losses at ten million dollars, and want twenty five million on top of that in punitive damages. Ten million dollars? Victory really believe that's what they could have expected to make? In profits?

The group's public announcement in August 2006 that it would no longer record for or work with Victory and the ensuing controversy -- along with a "shock and awe" legal and public relations campaign against the label and its founder, Tony Brummel -- drove down the sales of the second album, the suit says. As a result, retailers have returned more than 500,000 copies of the second album to Victory, which suffered "millions of dollars in damages for returned product alone," the lawsuit alleges.

How many copies did they press up in the first place?