Saturday, January 19, 2008

Present, Albini hook up again

Although there was some Albini work on Cinerama record, there's something especially exciting about the news that the next Wedding Present record is going to be produced by Steve Albini.

The last Albini-produced Weddoes album was Seamonsters, back in - no, really, 1991. No word yet on a release date, but we'll squeal like giddy kittens when we find out.


Chris Brown said...

Rumours are saying May. Apparently they've already done the actual recording bit.

Francis said...

Schoolboy error! Albini doesn't "produce" he "engineers" or "records" - he will get cross if you don't make the distinction..

Anonymous said...

Yep..Should be May. The tracks were recorded in one week in January at Albini's Electrical Audio in Chicago. There will be a plethora of TWP releases this year including an a live DVD and yet another BBC Radio Sessions compilation!!

CarsmileSteve said...

surely EVERY session they've ever done must have been released several times already already???

i may allow myself to get a teensy bit excited about the alBUM though...

Chris Brown said...

There's a big brick of Peel Sessions that was released last year, but I think most of the sessions from other shows are out of print now.

Olive said...

Amazon has the complete Wedding Present Peel sessions in stock. As do I, although the Amazon ones probably aren't recorded onto a selection of TDK tapes in a cardboard box in Jeff Bezos' parents' attic.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

But don't you wish the albums were like that? Complete with the back announcement from Peel, cut off halfway through as he cues up the next track a la "Go Out And Get 'Em, Boy, from the Wedding Present, three more to come from the Boy Gedge before the end of the programme and I had some tour dates faxed through to me earlier but have, sadly, mislaid them during my excitement. Now, this is from that big package of Polish hardcore seven inches that I..."

Anonymous said...

"Now, this is from that big package of Polish hardcore seven inches that I..."

I wish there was just a compilation of Peel clips like this out there. When they released that Peel compilation a couple of years back they should've done just that.

Anonymous said...

If 'The Other BBC Sessions" does come out (the shake up at Sanctuary may scupper it) it will include the early Kershaw and Long sessions (only available on ancient vinyl many moons ago), the more recent 6Music sessions on the shows of Gideon Coe, Tom Robinson and Marc Riley, last years Radio1 covers session and the acoustic version of Brassneck from the Jonathan Ross show

MPS said...

'El Rey' will be released on 19th May 2008 and there will be a launch party/gig at the Brighton Corn Exchange on Friday 30th May 2008

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